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Kinross Cashmere seeks out the best cashmere in the world for use in their cashmere sweaters.

Cashmere Sweaters in Wilmington, North CarolinaClothing that feels as good as it looks is what we are all about at CoolSweats at the Beach, in Wilmington, North Carolina. Our clothing boutique understands that you want your wardrobe to give you confidence whether you are at work or enjoying time with friends. Cashmere sweaters are an excellent way to be comfortable when there is a chill in the air while looking incredible.

Our cashmere sweaters come from Kinross Cashmere, which is an exceptional company that takes pride in offering only the best. Each garment is hand-crafted and inspected to ensure it stands up to their high standards for quality and softness. For more than 20 years, they have created beautiful, timeless cashmere sweaters and other cashmere garments that are sure to please.

You will only find these amazing cashmere sweaters at boutiques like ours that know you would settle for nothing less than a high-quality sweater that looks great and offers the ultimate softness against your skin. Cashmere is a specialty wool that comes from pashmina, cashmere, and other goat breeds. It is the softer hair of the undercoat, leaving the coarser hair for non-apparel applications. It is sought not only for its softness, but also its superior insulating ability. Kinross Cashmere seeks out the best cashmere in the world for use in their cashmere sweaters, so you can be assured of a sweater that looks and feels wonderful.

If you have any questions about our cashmere sweaters, don’t hesitate to reach out or stop by our location to experience the luxuriousness of our cashmere women’s fashion for yourself.